Before You Post: Troubleshooting Guidelines

Dear cryoSPARC users,

Thank you for communicating with us on the discussion forum.

Before you post your topic, check the following items:

  • Are you on the latest version of cryoSPARC? cryosparcm update and see Software Updates in the cryoSPARC Guide
  • Have you tried restarting cryoSPARC? cryosparcm restart
  • Has this issue already been posted on the discussion forum? Search here
  • Have you removed any personal/identifiable information from your post?

When posting, use this template to provide as much information as possible about your issue:

To make it easier for us to understand and troubleshoot issues and errors encountered, please use the following template to provide as much information as possible about your issue:

cryoSPARC instance information

  • Type: single workstation, master-worker, or cluster
  • Software version from cryosparcm status
  • Output of
    uname -a && free -g
    on master node

cryoSPARC worker environment

  • Load the cryoSPARC worker environment (for execution of the following commands):
    eval $(<path-to-cryosparc_worker>/bin/cryosparcw env)
  • CUDA toolkit path:
  • CUDA toolkit version:
    ${CRYOSPARC_CUDA_PATH}/bin/nvcc --version
  • pycuda information (run command in same shell):
    python -c "import pycuda.driver; print(pycuda.driver.get_version())"
  • Output of
    uname -a && free -g && nvidia-smi

on relevant worker node(s)


  • Type of Issue (Installation Error, Job Error: Motion Correction, etc)
  • Explain the problem in as much detail as possible
  • Include the full error message/traceback, if you received any
  • Relevant logs:
  • backend: cryosparcm log command_core
  • jobs: cryosparcm joblog Px Jx
  • webapp: cryosparcm log webapp
  • database: cryosparcm log database
  • For job-related errors:
  • Name of job
  • Inputs to job
  • Any non-default parameters specified in the job
  • Copy-paste the text of any error messages for future searchability by other users
  • Include any relevant screenshots of the UI that can help explain your issue

Steps to Reproduce

  • How can a developer/user reproduce this issue?
  • If you have received different results from what you expected, please explain what you were expecting

Thank you! :grinning:

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