Import particles between projects

Sorry if this topic was asked about before.

I’m trying to export the particles from one project to another project. Same protein, just the data was collected on different days.

I used the export button under the heterorefinement to export the particles from project 1, then I tried using import results group to import the .csg file that was generated into the second project. However I get the error that this wont work because they arent part of the same project. What is the best way to do this?

Welcome to the forum @Jared. Please can you paster the text of the error message.
In case the message was

Result group to import must be located inside the project directory

I should clarify that the file(s) to be imported must reside inside the destination project’s directory (see related topic Import result group problems). One way of accomplishing this is to

  1. ensure the destination project directory contains a imports/groups directory
  2. copy or link the relevant subfolder inside the exports/groups directory of the source project’s directory to the imports/groups/ directory inside the destination project directory
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yep, they can still have the old Pxx project name, this one result folder just has to be moved to the new Project folder location, then can be imported.

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Copying the export of the first project into the import of the new project and running the import results group on the data worked. Thank you!