HELP! I have trouble in negative stain data processing

1.I do ‘import micrograph’ at first
2. Then I try ‘patch CTF estimation(multi)’, and failed, all of them are incomplete.
I’m a novice here and I don’t know why.Can someone help me?

Welcome to the forum @LHW.
Did you confirm that your imported data are already “single frame” and would not require motion correction?
Please can you provide additional information about your computer:

and the ouput of
cryosparcm joblog P5 J16

Thanks for your answer! My teacher said someone else were using Relion at that time, so the computer was busy and didn’t have extra capacity to run cryoSPARC, that’s why I failed.
My teacher repeated what I had done in few hours later, and all of them were successful. Wow, so amazing.
Finally, thank you again for your reply and have a good day!(Forgive my grammatical mistakes, if any)