"list index out of range" error when trying to run jobs


We have just installed the CryoSparc ver3.1 as a single-workstation mode on our workstation (CentOS).
We are now trying to test the tutorial data set, but jobs only seem to queue and fail to run. Would you please help us?
Thank you in advance!


Hi @Sangwon,

Can you send us any logs (command_core) /screenshots of what you’re seeing? You can get an idea of what we need to troubleshoot by checking out this post:

Also, small note but you might have an easier time on Ubuntu. We’ve recently encountered a lot of issues with users on CentOS. This might not be an easy change but I just wanted to put that out there.

Thank you, Stephan.

I don’t see anything on the logs, because the jobs were not running, only queueing.
But I see "list index out of range” briefly pops up, and I don’t see any available “Lane”.
Do you think it is related to the installation?


Hi @Sangwon, something may have gone wrong during the single workstation install. Can you please try the steps outlined here? "list index out of range" error message while trying to run job after fresh installation

I (also a newbie) had a similar issue as well on my first attempt using CryoSPARC. I found that it was trying to run on a lane that no longer existed, so I had to specify to run on “default” lane.

Check which lane it is running from by clicking on the far top left corner of the job stuck queueing in the workspace view. Then go to the Metadata tab and Ctrl+F for “lane”.

You can also view this info in the “job.json” file in the job’s directory (located inside the project directory).

I hope that helps and best of luck!

Thank you @stephan, @spunjani and @hti-ryan for suggestions. We had to re-install and follow the steps to install the worker node - we now can run the tutorial data set!

ps: how do I close this post?

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