cryoSPARC v2.11 Stuck at Database Migration


Recently I have updated 2.9 to 2.11 using --dbpath pointing to old DB. When I start cryoSPARC I get the following

alderaan home/prabu $  cryosparcm  status
CryoSPARC System master node installed at
Current cryoSPARC version: v2.11.0

cryosparcm process status:

app                              STOPPED   Not started
app_dev                          STOPPED   Not started
command_core                     RUNNING   pid 38325, uptime 0:00:16
command_proxy                    RUNNING   pid 38378, uptime 0:00:07
command_rtp                      STOPPED   Not started
command_vis                      RUNNING   pid 38371, uptime 0:00:10
database                         RUNNING   pid 38247, uptime 0:00:19
watchdog_dev                     STOPPED   Not started
webapp                           RUNNING   pid 38383, uptime 0:00:06
webapp_dev                       STOPPED   Not started


But we cant clone the job or do anything as it just doesn’t respond. Any ideas how to resolve this ?


Hi @Rajan,

Can you give us more information? E.g. logs of command_core, screenshots of what happens when you try to clone or run jobs. You can use this guide for help: Before You Post: Troubleshooting Guidelines

Dear @stephan,

Thanks for the message and Im sorry for the incomplete information and delay. There was a issue with our NFS server and that was sorted out by our competing centre. Now it seems to run fine. I will close the ticket.

Thanks for your time and help.