Restore database from previous backup

I made a backup of my database and reinstalled cryosparc in the same machine (HPC node) and with same user name. when I use “cryosparcm restore --file=” to restore the previous jobs. In the dashboard, I can see the job counts. However, I cannot open any of them. And the projects and workspaces show nothing.
Any ideas?
Thank you so much.

Hi @PeterXTH

Can you send us logs? Before You Post: Troubleshooting Guidelines

I could not find the restore log file. I am not good at debug. Could you please tell me where I can find the logfile.

In the dashboard, everything looks normal. However, none of the jobs could be open.

How are your cryosparc user permissions looking after the restore? From the command line, you can type ls -la. On a previous version (maybe 2.5? unfortunately I can’t remember) we restored the database from one computer to another, but it didn’t work properly until we replicated the permissions of the original computer.

In my case, I just reinstalled the cryosparc v2.9.0 on HPC node (the IT help me to do) in order to use the new SSD card for cache. The user name and the file locations are the same as previous. Since I do not have too much data. I just rerun the critical ones. Thanks for your help.

Thanks for reporting @PeterXTH and thanks for your suggestion regarding permissions @jucastil, you’re probably right that permissions need to match between systems.
Closing for now, let us know if further issues.