ImportError after update to 3.3.2

Hi, I have this problem after update to 3.3.2 from 3.2.0:

Both reconstruction and 3D class have this issue. And the reconstruction works well in 3.2.0. I’m sure the worker and master update/installation succeed. The nodes are cuda 11.2.

Thanks a lot if there have any suggestions.

Welcome to the forum @owen123.
Please post the complete error message as the screenshot appears truncated at the bottom. Pasting text is preferred over a screenshot so that future forum users may find this topic based on a text search. Please also run (on the worker computer, as the Linux user that “owns” the cryoSPARC instance) these three commands:

and post the output of the latter two commands.
Thank you.

Thanks for your attention! However, the job has been cleared and the problem has been solved by updating the driver.

I’ll remember to post the complete error message.