Features and Functionality

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Show binarized classes when recenter_mask_binary is true [feature request] (1)
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2.11 - notifications preferences? (2)
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Advanced data management tools now available: cryoSPARC v2.11.0 out now! (1)
FSC raw data for independent plotting (3)
Security hardening (4)
List disk space utilization in details tab of project/workspace/job pages [feature request] (3)
Star or tag jobs [feature request] (2)
Share a project with users (2)
Masking sharpened map (1)
Interactive sliders for adjusting image display during manual picking? [Feature Request] (1)
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FSC mask auto-tightening as separate job type? [feature request] (1)
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Output max/min/sd defocus for Patch CTF [feature request] (1)
Add non-interactive threshold selector for particle picking/extraction [feature request] (1)
Exporting coordinates of picked particles ( 2 ) (28)