Integrating cryosparc-tools with workflows and GUI?


I’m starting to use cryoSPARC tools more and more - it is incredibly flexible and useful!

For the future, it would be great to incorporate this into the GUI somehow - perhaps a “run script” job, that allows users to alter selected inputs and parameters on the fly, and easily re-use the same script? This would also allow incorporating cryosparc-tools scripts into Workflows, which would be great! :grin:



Hi @olibclarke, thanks for your post, this is a great suggestion and definitely something we are considering for a future version of CryoSPARC.

In the mean time, you could use a Python GUI tool to create a wrapper around a cryosparc-tools script. Here’s one I came across that seems fairly simple to integrate. If cryosparc-tools can access your CryoSPARC instance’s ports from your local machine, you can even run the GUI script locally on a Mac or Windows machine (though this may be infeasible for more complex scripts that require extensive access to the project data).

Hope that helps and thanks again!