Import 3D volume from local directory (feature request)


I typically use cryoSPARC remotely - running the interface from my laptop, while Csparc is running on my GPU. Importing volumes e.g. for making masks created locally in Chimera is a little bit of a pain, as I need to first transfer them to my GPU and then import using the file browser in cryoSPARC. Especially if I am using someone else’s system this can be unwieldy, as I may have the details of their csparc instance, but not neccessarily ssh or sftp details.

Would it be possible to streamline this, to allow direct upload of volumes from the local system to Csparc via the web interface?



Agreed. This would be very convenient.

This would be great. In addition to the extra steps the current way leads to two copies on the cryosparc server as the import also makes its own copy into the project directory.

Any update on this ??

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Hi all,

This feature is in the works - thanks for your patience!

- Suhail


Hi all,

It’s now possible to upload files directly from your local machine into a CryoSPARC project. This feature is available in v4.5, released on May 7.

In this context, when an upload is complete you can click on it to copy the full path and paste it into an Import Volumes job.

More details on how it works are available in the guide.

- Suhail


Awesome, thanks Suhail!!