cryoSPARC v3.3.2 is now available

Release notes


  • CryoSPARC Live Session Data Management: All datatype sizes are now updated when a session is “paused” or “completed”.
  • Helpful error messages when calling cryosparcm/cli functions with incorrect arguments.
  • Check for Corrupt Particles job now has an option to check for NaN values in the particle data files to test for data corruption on disk.
  • Extraction jobs now have an option to force re-extraction of CTF values for each particle from the input micrographs.


  • Local motion no longer fails when zero shift frame is not set by previous motion correction job.
  • AttributeError raised in Filament Tracer job when only one particle pick is found on a given filament.
  • GPU FSC calculation in Refinement jobs raises AssertionError when used with box sizes under 84.
  • Topaz job now correctly fails when topaz subprocess fails.
  • Micrograph contrast in Manual Picker job is sometimes set to a value that clips the image.
  • Support for 3DVA Display clustering with one component.
  • Return HTTP 404 response when GridFS image requests are not found.


See update instructions here: