Cryosparc update works, but the interface still as 2.9 version, jobs fails



Dear All, I have upgraded to newer version, but still retains the old interface. I did not get any error during update, so I can’t figure it out what went wrong. Jobs fail shorty.
I also downgraded to 2.13.0, did not get any error during installation, but the problem is the same. I also include a screenshot of the cryosparcm status.
Thanks a lot for your help !!


Can you reboot everything (master and nodes) ? I had the same problem I believe, but after a reboot everything worked smoothly.


Not sure as it on a cluster … what do you mean by "rebooting "?

Thanks for your help !


Hi @marino-j,

You may have had zombie processes running during the update process.
See this post for details on how to fix:


Hi @sarulthasan,

thank you for your message. It worked, indeed. Sorry if I haven’t found the answer myself in that thread already published.

Many thanks !!