Version mismatch

This is not a new issue (see error output below), but I’m hoping that a better solution is available than deleting and re-installing the master and worked directories. Can someone advise?

Thanks. Neal.

P.S. how can I determine current version?

[CPU: 86.1 MB] Traceback (most recent call last): File “cryosparc2_worker/cryosparc2_compute/”, line 43, in AssertionError: Version mismatch! Worker and master versions are not the same. Please update.

Hi @mwaxham this error happens when the contents of the cryosparc2_master/version and cryosparc2_worker/version files differs. This usually happens when the master or worker failed to update. You can see what value cryoSPARC is pulling from the cryosparc2_master/version file in the web application’s dashboard:

We don’t have a way to update only the master folder, but you can update the worker via command line:

First download the worker tarball:

curl -L "{{VERSION}}/{{LICENSE_ID}}" -o cryosparc2_worker.tar.gz

Substitute {{VERSION}} for the target version (e.g., v2.15.0 or latest) and LICENSE_ID for your cryoSPARC License ID.

Move cryosparc2_worker.tar.gz inside the cryosparc2_worker (edited) directory. Navigate to the cryosparc2_worker (edited) directory. Run

./bin/cryosparcw update

Restart cryoSPARC.

A final note: In the latest version of cryoSPARC (v2.15+), the Job log reports the master and worker versions if they differ

Hope that helps!

This worked there was a mismatch in the versions between master and worker.

What did not work was running the ‘./bin/cryosparcw update’ command for cryosparc2_worker.tar.gz from the cryosparc2_compute directory. This had to be done from the cryosparc2_worker directory after moving the .gz file to cryosparc2_worker directory.

Thanks. Neal.

Oops yes, that was a typo, I’ve edited my post. Glad you were able to figure it out!

I got this error:
AssertionError: Version mismatch! Worker version (v2.15.0) and Master version (v2.15.0+200929) are not the same. Please update.
Anyone can help? Thanks in advance.

I just simply rsync the file patch from cryosparc2_master directory to cryosparc2_worker directory. And my job started to run. Hope that is the problem.

same problem here…
AssertionError: Version mismatch! Worker version (v2.15.0) and Master version (v2.15.0+200929) are not the same. Please update.
do I need to update to a new csparc version?

This happens after you apply a patch which was successfully installed for the cryosparc2_master installation package but not for cryosparc2_worker.

To fix this, reapply the patch via command line with this command:

cryosparcm patch --force --yes

Check for error messages in the output. If you see any, try the following:

  1. Download the patch manually via command line:
    cryosparcm patch --force --download
  2. Inside the cryosparc2_master installation folder, look for a file named cryosparc2_worker_patch.tar.gz
  3. Copy this file into the cryosparc2_worker folder (either adjacent to the master folder on workstations, or on all the multiple external worker GPU machines)
  4. Navigate to the cryosparc2_worker directory
  5. Apply the patch with command:
    ./bin/cryosparcw patch
  6. Repeat steps 3 - 5 on each connected machine where the cryosparc2_worker folder is installed (just once for workstations)

Hope that helps!


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@nfrasser, I thought I did what you mentioned above. However, I could not find the file cryosparc2_worker_patch.tar.gz somehow. So what I did afterwards was to copy the file called patch from cryosparc2_master/ directory to cryosparc2_worker/ directory. Not sure why there was no such file in cryosparc2_worker/. And then it worked!

Hi @donghuachen, this file was missing in cryosparc2_worker because the patch process did not finish. You should have seen some errors in the the output when you first ran the cryosparcm patch command.

I do not recommend manually copying the patch file from the master folder. It is working for now, but this could lead to errors in the future. This is because the master and worker folders are now out of sync. In particular, patch 200929 affects jobs that rely on SSD caching such as Ab-Initio and Refinement.

To be safe, I suggest you try the cryosparc patch process I described above once more and send me any errors you get.