Version mismatch

This is not a new issue (see error output below), but I’m hoping that a better solution is available than deleting and re-installing the master and worked directories. Can someone advise?

Thanks. Neal.

P.S. how can I determine current version?

[CPU: 86.1 MB] Traceback (most recent call last): File “cryosparc2_worker/cryosparc2_compute/”, line 43, in AssertionError: Version mismatch! Worker and master versions are not the same. Please update.

Hi @mwaxham this error happens when the contents of the cryosparc2_master/version and cryosparc2_worker/version files differs. This usually happens when the master or worker failed to update. You can see what value cryoSPARC is pulling from the cryosparc2_master/version file in the web application’s dashboard:

We don’t have a way to update only the master folder, but you can update the worker via command line:

First download the worker tarball:

curl -L "{{VERSION}}/{{LICENSE_ID}}" -o cryosparc2_worker.tar.gz

Substitute {{VERSION}} for the target version (e.g., v2.15.0 or latest) and LICENSE_ID for your cryoSPARC License ID.

Move cryosparc2_worker.tar.gz inside the cryosparc2_worker (edited) directory. Navigate to the cryosparc2_worker (edited) directory. Run

./bin/cryosparcw update

Restart cryoSPARC.

A final note: In the latest version of cryoSPARC (v2.15+), the Job log reports the master and worker versions if they differ

Hope that helps!

This worked there was a mismatch in the versions between master and worker.

What did not work was running the ‘./bin/cryosparcw update’ command for cryosparc2_worker.tar.gz from the cryosparc2_compute directory. This had to be done from the cryosparc2_worker directory after moving the .gz file to cryosparc2_worker directory.

Thanks. Neal.

Oops yes, that was a typo, I’ve edited my post. Glad you were able to figure it out!