Symmetry expansion in cryosparc? [feature request]



hi developers,

wondering if there is any intention to add symmetry expansion or a similar tool in the future? This is something I have used in Relion, which allows the user to align/refine a dataset in a given symmetry, then afterwards reverse the symmetry back to C1 by expanding out each of those asymmetric units into it’s own particle. This effectively multiplies your data by whatever symmetry you have used. It can allow you to pick up heterogeneity in your protein. Say your protein is a homodimer and one subunit is in 1 comformation while the other half is in a different conformation. With regular refinement we would average out the two halves of this protein. However, when expanded, you expand the symmetry-refined map by two and then refine around the heterogeneous area, hopefully showing that those two conformations are different.


100% need this - have previously requested (Add symmetry expansion option to local refinement? [Feature request]) and was told that it is coming - I would be happy with the ability to import and use sym expanded particle sets in local refinement, but native support would be even better!