Restoring a deleted cs.lock without access to the cryosparc master installation

I was running cryosparc jobs on August 1st 2023 but overnight all the running jobs failed. Since then, I have not been able to create new jobs or perform any task in any of the jobs in this project. I get the error code “unable to create job: ServerError: validation error: lock file for P44 at /$CRYOSPARC/cs.lock absent or otherwise inaccessible”.

Checking the folder, I confirmed that the cs.lock file is missing but I have no idea how it was deleted or lost. I have tried to create new projects since and jobs run fine in these new projects with the cs.lock fike evident in the new folder.
I am a user on the high-performance cluster at a university so I do not have access to cryosparcm or the master installation.
I have seen other answers to the cs.lock issue but it seems like they all require access to the master. I have also tried detaching the project but this Is there a workaround for recovering the data from this project or moving the data to a functional project without access to the cryosparcm and the cli?


Hi @rexvsdeji,

Can you try attaching that project folder as a new project within the same instance?

Hi, I tried that and got an error message that says the folder is being used by P44 (the id of the project in question). When I try to detach P44 from the instance, it throws up an error saying cs.lock is unavailable.

Hi @rexvsdeji,

Is it possible for you to copy the cs.lock file from another project folder in the same CryoSPARC instance to your “P44” project folder?

I tried this and this doesn’t work either. I get “permission denied”.

It seems project directories that are created by cryosparc are locked to modification even if the cs.lock file is somehow lost. I have copied some of the folders I need into a new directory and then attached that to a new project.
The bigger issue is I cannot delete the data from the defective project and it is taking up a lot of space

In case that with this you meant that you were unable to copy the the cs.lock file: The cs.lock file needs to be created by the Linux account that runs CryoSPARC processes. As you mentioned that you

you may need the assistance of someone who manages the CryoSPARC instance. Whoever manages the CryoSPARC instance may also know why

cryosparcm cli "take_over_projects()"
worked for us when we intentionally (accidentally) deleted the lock file, thinking it locked out our access as it does in relion, when it reality it is necessary for access.