Missing lock file after updating to v4.0

I upgraded to cryosparc v4.0.0. I can access my project files and download the files form my updated cryosparc instance, but when I try to build a new job I get an error saying that the lock file for my project is not found.

Screenshot from 2022-10-05 17-36-28

I know that the new version uses lock files to track which instances created a project but I do not know what to do if there is already a project in attached to the cryosparc instance but without a lock file. I also tried to detach the project from the cryosparc instance but got the same error saying the lock file was missing.

Screenshot from 2022-10-05 17-44-56

Finally, I tried attaching the project files as a new project but got an error saying the project directory was already in use by the cryosparc instance.

Screenshot from 2022-10-05 17-46-57

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Hi @hickschad8,

Is this happening for just P3 or all projects? Something similar was encountered in this thread: V4.0 Validation lock error

On startup of a CryoSPARC instance, lock files should be automatically created for known project folders that don’t have them. If other projects on your instance are working, this may be an indication that there was an issue writing a lock file to the project directory of P3. This error should be visible somewhere in your command_core.log file.

To further test, can try calling the API function for generating the lock files:

cryosparcm cli "take_over_projects()"

This function should write lock files to all projects in the instance, and any errors encountered will be visible in the command_core.log file.

Hi @nwong,

Thanks for the reply. I found a workaround to generate a lock file and everything seems to be working. I believe this problem happened just to project P3.

My workaround, briefly, I changed the path to my project files, and attached the project with the new path to my cryosparc instance as a new project. This generated a lock file in my project directory. I then changed the path to my project files back to the original. Now that there is a lock file in the project directory so I can queue jobs in the original P3 project in my cryosparc instance. However, there is a ghost P4 project directory in my cryosparc instance, but I think I can just ignore that.

I’ve attached a picture of my command_core.log file where I believe the error occurred in generating the lock file for P3. It seems like the P3 project was not “taken over” successfully.