Refinement using volume and particles from a specific ab inito reco iteration


Is it possible to link volumes and particles from a single ab initio iteration to a refinement job?
I see that there is an option to copy and download the .cs files but how would I go about linking them onto a refinement job?


Hi @ldlamini! If you’re asking to use a volume from an earlier (i.e., not the final) iteration of ab initio reconstruction, you can use the low-level interface to select an earlier iteration. When you view the outputs tab of any refinement job, you can open a drop-down menu to see all versions of that volume. You can then use the low-level interface to replace the map input with the desired version.

Do you mind if I ask, though, why you prefer to use one of these earlier results rather than the final result?


Hi @rposert,

Thank you for the detailed steps.
I had initially thought that my map was anisotropic but I think that I be wrong and that the issue is with the refinement, overfitting maybe. I’m still trying to work it out.
I wanted to use earlier iterations from the ab initio reco and refinement jobs, using fewer particles and fewer iterations because I notice that the abberation I see appears closer to the last iterations of the refinement.
I do hope that this makes sense.


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