Nvidia Driver cryosparc 4.4

Wow, what an update! Incredible!

However, I see the notification that drivers 520.61.05 or newer are required. I have 470.223.02
What if I update CS but not m drivers?

Hi @DarioSB,

You would need to update the Nvidia driver for v4.4, otherwise you would get an unsupported version error as described in other posts:


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I updated to 535 but now my PC doesn’t boot anymore. I have one gt710 for display and two gtx1070.

I get only black screen but when I log into another try and run nvidia-smi, I see that my gt710 is not recognized anymore… I guess it doesn’t work with newer drivers.
Any experts in this field here?

GT710 isn’t supported by 500 series drivers. :frowning: Last driver which supports it is 470.2230…

Yeah, I just noticed that as well, thank you. Do you know if I can run two drivers simultaneously? 470 for GT710, 535 for 1070? :sweat_smile:

Sadly not… :wink:

And here is some extra text to satisfy the minimum character requirement.

You dont know or you cannot do that?


Do you need to have the 710?

We use some of our computing nodes as login nodes (long story), and I have not noticed performance issues if the computing GPUs are also rendering the desktop (GNOME, on GTX 2080Ti, or GTX 1080).

You could simply use the 1070s in dual mode?
IIRC NVIDIA 525 works well with those and it would satisfy the cryosparc requirement.
It is likely that NVIDIA 535 works as well…

Good luck!


One screen works, but as soon as I have two sceens plugged in (even if I connect one scren to each 1070), I get a noticable lack in performance

I meant you can’t run two versions of the nVidia driver at the same time.