V4.0 Validation lock error

One of my preexisting projects, after updating to v4.0, is giving me an error message:

P78: ServerError: validation error: lock file for P78 not found at...

Is there a way to make this lock file?

Hi @donaldb,

On startup of a CryoSPARC instance, lock files should be automatically created for known project folders that don’t have them. If other projects on your instance are working, this may be an indication that there was an issue writing a lock file to the project directory of P78. This error should be visible somewhere in your command_core.log file.

To further test, can try calling the API function for generating the lock files:

cryosparcm cli "take_over_projects()"

This function should write lock files to all projects in the instance, and any errors encountered will be visible in the command_core.log file.

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Thanks. I will give that a go.

cryosparcm cli "take_over_projects(78)"

Fixed the problem.

Thanks a lot.

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