Lanched job never excuted

I recently updated my workstation to ubuntu 20.04 LTS with cuda11.2 and openmpi 4.1. I also reinstalled cryosparc 3.01 from scratch. Installation was smooth. With the cryosparc 3.0.1, I was able to complete a job of “import movies”. However, other test jobs, such as motion correction, 2D classification, always stuck at “launched” status forever. System shows the launched jobs are not executing. No error messages showed up. Any advice on what is going on? Wish you guys a happy and healthy 2021 - Haixin

I found a discussion about a similar issue (Job Halts in Launched State). Following the discussion, using the command “cryosparcm log command_core”, I identified that the cryosparc worker was not linked to the master properly. After reconnecting the worker and the master, the problem got solved!

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