Keyboard shortcuts for exposure curation




While inspecting individual micrographs in the curate exposures job, it would be convenient if the “accept individual” and “reject individual” buttons automatically take you to the next exposure. It would also be great if keyboard shortcuts can be assigned to these buttons (e.g. a - accept individual and go to next, r - reject individual and go to next, < or > to go to previous and next exposure).




Good ideas!

I was googling to see if there is a shortcut list for cryosparc. Can anybody point to a direction?

BTW, I noticed today’s special logo.


So far the only shortcuts I know of are the ones for editing jobs:

For the inspect exposure job type I can’t find any:

I think having some keyboard shortcuts, as those suggested by Yazan, would be very, very useful for the exposure job type.


Hi @ZhijieLi @Yazan,

Thank you for your suggestions! We will include more shortcuts in an upcoming version (and specific documentation for them). I will update this post when that update is live.