Edit existing job and rerun?

Two questions regarding V2.4…

  1. Is there an easy way to clear / edit (i.e. correct parameters) and re-run and existing job without cloning or creating a new one? I’ve been unable to find one…

  2. When I try to run the import step of the basic tutorial, it routinely fails saying it can’t open the gain reference, even though the file is present, readable, and the path appears correct. If I replace $HOME in the path with the absolute path to my home directory, it works correctly. Any chance it’s using $HOME on the client instead of the master?


Re 1, clear the job and try pressing “B” so you can edit params. It’s baffling that there is no GUI element to do this, but if there is I’ve not been able to find it.


Re 2. There should be an GUI button for this. Thank you for the “B” trick, very useful. Is there a place to read all these functionalities that is not apparent?


It is in here, though I tend to agree that a function like that should be discoverable - the user shouldn’t have to resort to consulting the manual for something as basic as this.

Having an icon (maybe a stylized keyboard?), which when clicked opens up a “quick reference panel” with hotkeys etc would be a good start I think?


Re 2 I’ve encountered this as well - I assumed it just wasn’t able to expand variables (or special characters, e.g. ~).

Also, every time I select a file in the selector, I have to click it twice for the path to correctly update in the text box (although that may not happen in Chrome, I haven’t checked).


Oh definitely. I started liking cryosparc a lot, but it is still missing some basic functionalities as you mentioned in another thread. Addition to your suggestions, I think there should be a tool to manually dragging or manipulating 2D classes to recenter particles belong to that class. I guess you suggested some re-centering based on center of mass. That would be good too. Subset selection, resuming a failed job are some other missing functions.

Thanks Oli! That helps. I’d actually seen the “B” shortcut mentioned in the tutorial, but had assumed it was a shortcut that would do the same thing as the “Job Builder” icon. Wrong! There’s also some mention of clicking on the Building button on the job card, but I haven’t been able to find that.

To my mind, this is one of many ways in which this gui is a little strange to say the least. Another example is the need to press the space bar or to click right on the job number to re-open an existing job card which has been closed. Why wouldn’t clicking or double-clicking anywhere on the title bar do the trick as pretty much everyone used to working with computers would expect?

Another gripe is that project tab/icon at the top and bottom of the screen often get out of sync. E.g. after creating a new project, the top icon will still show “No Projects” while the bottom one correctly shows the newly created one.

And yet another is that the tab order is set in some funky way so that tab doesn’t take you directly from one data entry field to the next, but instead you have to press tab twice for this.

So far, I don’t have any complaints about the underlying algorithms, which are clearly the most important part, but to my way of think this user interface still has a very long way to go.

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You can lef-click on the left-top corner of an existing job which will re-open it.

Aha! Yes, you’re right, turns out you can click the little building icon in the middle of a job card and that will do the same as “B”!

Although the fact that I never found that suggests maybe it is not the most discoverable action… or that I’m a bit on the slow side :slight_smile:

I think one of the issues in that case is that there is no really clear visual indicator for what is clickable and what is not - that icon didn’t look like a button to me, so I never even thought to click on it.

Likewise, clicking on the Jxx letters in the upper left hand corner of the job card will expand it, but there is no indication that this is so unless you mouseover (in which case the cursor turns into a magnifying glass). But I’d never thought to do that, because there was nothing in that region that looked like it should be clicked.