Job dependencies were lost after importing projects


I have imported several projects into a new cryoSPARC instance.

After importing, for some projects, the job dependencies (parents, children) information is lost.

Below is an example.

Is there any way to restore the lost dependencies?


I noticed that the projects whose job dependencies were lost were all created before any patch was applied to the cryoSPARC instance. They are created by v3.2.0 (without any patch).

The other projects’ job dependencies are all intact, and they were created after at least patch 210629 was applied.

I hope this information helps.


Hi @kttn
Have you perhaps solved this yet?
We have cryosparc v3.2.0+210511 and the patch was applied but the database from the patched cryosparcv3.2 instance was corrupted and I had to import the project from the existing intact project directory into a new project in the old database (created using cryosparcv3.1). The parent/child information is now missing as in your case.