How is "alignments3D/pose" encoded?

I have a project that involves manipulating the rotation of particles using cryosparc-tools. I’ve been looking at the “alignments3D/pose” key on the particles and see a vector of three numbers that look like they are in radians. However, I am uncertain as to how their rotational information is encoded. I am aware of numerous ways they could be, including rodrigues vector and many varieties of euler angle (e.g. ZYZ).

Any help would be appreciated.

Perhaps this thread may help.


This is very helpful. Thank you Yang!


A post from my previous life!

I found the guidance in that thread very helpful. I also made this animation for a guide page which I will not end up using, so I may as well post it here. You can see that as the vector’s length increases, the rotation increases; as the vector’s direction changes, the axis about which the object rotates changes.


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