How can I truncate my MongoDB? My disk partition is out of space!

Hi anyone who can help,

We are running CryoSPARC v3.3 and the disk partition that houses the MongoDB is 100% full. Is there a way that I/we can truncate the database so we can get CryoSPARC up and online again?


Hi All,

Just wanted to give everyone who viewed this an update on this, as I was able to get this resolved. Here’s what I had to do:

So, the main database was sitting upon a partition upon /dev/sda, specifically /dev/sda2, which became completely full. To resolve, I had about 1 TB of extra disk space upon our /dev/sdb, so:

  1. I moved the cryosparc2_dbase database folder within the /opt filesystem on /dev/sdb1,
  2. Created a symlink within the original location of the cryosparc2_dbase folder to point to the new location.
  3. Started CryoSPARC back up, and all works properly now.

Not exactly ideal but got us out of the jam.



I suppose you’ve already found this thread?