Hardware is not registered problem

I’m having a problem when I try to create a new dataset. I include all the parameters and when I press the Launch button, it appears an error message saying “hardware is not registered”.
We have no other computer registered with this license.
Can you help us with this?


+1 on this. We are seeing this on 1 of 4 machines, randomly throwing this error. Deactivating the license and then reactivating with the same license code fixes it, but then the issue comes back after a few days. Weird…

I have the same error, as well. I have run >300 experiments on the same license and all of a sudden it gave the error on all new jobs. Restarting cryosparc and the computer did not fix the issue. AFAIK mine is the only workstation with this license and it has not been shared.

Please see Sudden error, "Hardware not registered" after continuous use? for a solution.