Estimate cryoSPARC database size?

Hi All,

I’m working on an install with a Virtual Machine as a the master node and I’m trying to determine how to estimate the size of the cryoSPARC database? Any suggestions? Is it based on the number of jobs runs? What sort of data is stored in the database?


Hello Mick,
We have at this moment several instances running.
A clean database, just with the users (~ 50 users) looks like this:
4.3G cryosparc2_database/
On a server that has been running since (literally) a couple of years (~ 300 projects, ~ 12.000 jobs, +50 users) the database folder looks like this:
256G cryosparc2_database/
The second example should not be a good one. Maybe you could schedule the backup of the database and a cleanup from time to time, instead of caring about the size of it :wink:


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Hi @mick-t,

The 200-300GB range seems accurate for a long running cryoSPARC instance. We have users that have reported larger sizes, but this is more rare. The database grows most proportionally with the number of jobs in the instance. Jobs create plots and figures, which are all downsampled and stored inside the database itself.

Please note that when you delete jobs, the database doesn’t release the space back to the OS; you will have to manually “defragment” the database in order to reclaim this space.
For more information on how to do this, please see this post:


Hi Stephan,

Thanks for your answer, and reference on how to clean up the Cryosparc database.


Hi Juan,

Thanks for your advice. 256G isn’t that much space, but that’s good to know. I’ll host the database on a network file system that has sufficient capacity to grow.