Dual versions on same platform

I’m sure there is a document, but I have failed to find it.
My questions may be irrelevant after I have located it.

We are running Cryosparc v2 on an Ubuntu platform, I’ve been asked to install the new v3 version on the same platform. I know at one time we have v1 and v2 on the same platform but that no longer exists and I’m not clear on how it was accomplished.

Clearly I need separate installation trees for the two version, and docs warn that if you run multiple versions one of them need to be on non-default sockets, but I don’t know if I risk any conflicts with cuda, if I can run both at the same time, or if I run one down and use the other if I can run on the same sockets.

I also assume I need a different database directory, but it would be nice for the users if they could just use the existing one.

I’m sure there are other related questions, but I think my goal is clear. Any existing docs or available advice appreciated.

@BrianCuttler I am assuming that with “same platform”, you mean two different cryosparc instances on the same server.
If you really, really want this (and we are interested in understanding your use case for using the older version of cryoSPARC), there are some prerequisites:

  • no overlaps between the instances’ respective project directories
  • no overlaps between the ranges of network ports (see here and the --port parameter here)
  • dedicated databases for each instance (this happens by default when you install cryoSPARC)
  • separate licenses for the instances

As always, we’d recommend backing up the instances’ respective databases. You should begin with backups of your existing cryosparc database(s) before the installation of additional instances.


Excellent, will get right on it and close the thread when complete. thank you!