Cryosparc Standalone install Cuda Error


I am running Cryosparc v3.1 on a Ubuntu machine. While running the test dataset, I keep running into this error:

I have installed cuda 11.0 with driver version 460.32

'worker_bin_path': '/opt/cryosparc/cryosparc_worker/bin/cryosparcw'}}
Process Process-1:1:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/opt/cryosparc/cryosparc_worker/deps/anaconda/envs/cryosparc_worker_env/lib/python3.7/multiprocessing/", line 297, in _bootstrap
  File "/opt/cryosparc/cryosparc_worker/deps/anaconda/envs/cryosparc_worker_env/lib/python3.7/multiprocessing/", line 99, in run
    self._target(*self._args, **self._kwargs)
  File "/opt/cryosparc/cryosparc_worker/cryosparc_compute/jobs/", line 176, in process_work_simple
    process_setup(proc_idx) # do any setup you want on a per-process basis
  File "cryosparc_worker/cryosparc_compute/jobs/motioncorrection/", line 81, in
  File "/opt/cryosparc/cryosparc_worker/cryosparc_compute/engine/", line 8, in <module>
    from .engine import *  # noqa
  File "cryosparc_worker/cryosparc_compute/engine/", line 11, in init cryosparc_compute.engine.engine
  File "cryosparc_worker/cryosparc_compute/engine/", line 6, in init cryosparc_compute.engine.gfourier
  File "/opt/cryosparc/cryosparc_worker/deps/anaconda/envs/cryosparc_worker_env/lib/python3.7/site-packages/skcuda/", line 20, in <module>
    from . import misc
  File "/opt/cryosparc/cryosparc_worker/deps/anaconda/envs/cryosparc_worker_env/lib/python3.7/site-packages/skcuda/", line 24, in <module>
    from . import cuda
  File "/opt/cryosparc/cryosparc_worker/deps/anaconda/envs/cryosparc_worker_env/lib/python3.7/site-packages/skcuda/", line 10, in <module>
    from .cudadrv import *
  File "/opt/cryosparc/cryosparc_worker/deps/anaconda/envs/cryosparc_worker_env/lib/python3.7/site-packages/skcuda/", line 32, in <module>
    raise OSError('CUDA driver library not found')
OSError: CUDA driver library not found

Hi @achintangal, can you please see the solution here and see if that works for you? Raise OSError('CUDA driver library not found')

And also: IOError: [Errno 32] Broken pipe


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Thanks! That fixed the problem!
Must be something new with Cuda 11.x.