Cannot log into CryoSPARC after install 4.0.2

I did not update 3.3.2 to 4.0.2, but instead installed 4.0.2 using the old Database from 3.3.2.
The whole process looked fine, and I can restart the CryoSPARC server normally. However, none of the existing users can log in. The warning was “Invalid email or password”.

I then tried to create a new user account using

cryosparcm createuser --email zp@hy02 --password zp123 --username “zp” --firstname “P” --lastname “Z”.

The command ran well without error, but even with this newly setup user I still cannot login. The following command

cryosparcm listusers

listed all the current users.

Any idea how to solve the problem? Thanks a lot!

Welcome to the forum @yunch .
This problem may be related to the format of the email address.

Does the following solution work for you?

The problem is solved. Thank you very much!

By the way, how to change the password using ‘cryosparcm icli’?

Please check out cli.reset_password() in the guide.