Another job has locked the cache. Waiting for it to unlock... (waited xxxx seconds)

A bunch of jobs ran just fine overnight, but new jobs would not start due to locked cache. I went through all recently killed jobs, and cleaned them in case they persisted somehow, which did not help. I suppose the next thing to try would be to kill/restart cryosparc server. But would it be possible to make cryosparc to report the names/numbers of jobs that locked the cache? In this case, we could clear the lock manually somehow (by cleaning that one job for example). Or is there anything else we could try before restarting cryosparc (the way the software is installed on our system, I need to wait for the administrator to do that)?


I am also seeing the same behaviour. The only resolution currently is to shutdown cryosparc and delete the cache folder. Knowing which job is locking the database would be very useful.