Workaround for patch motion correction GPU memory error

Hi all,

I had seen this error mentioned a few times and this workaround was mentioned once. I though it’d be useful to have this written up.

Using a workstation install with 2x2080ti GPUs and cuda-10.2, I was consistently getting a memory error when running patch motion correction on K3 super resolution data. However, the same data would process fine in full frame mode, or using motioncor2. Per an earlier post, it was suggested that using a different version of cuda may be useful. I encountered the same error when using cuda 10.1, but using cuda 10 the patch motion correction works perfectly! It seems that this issue is actually an incompatibility with cuda 10.1+, not that the movies are too large for the GPU memory.

Here’s a guide for installing multiple versions of cuda libraries, follow this but download and install cuda 10.

To change your cuda location on an already installed instance of cryosparc, see this post

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Hi @gdodge, thanks a lot for this suggestion! We’re going to try this out on our own setup and update some of the other threads experiencing this issue (e.g., PatchMotion failure 2.13.2)