Why does the standalone installation require ssh for running jobs?

Hi all,
I install the cryosparc2 on the single GPU station, and I found I that it can only import data but can not run any other job, like 2D classification and refinement. it shows command [‘ssh’ .u’…] returned non-zero exit status 255.
I found other people also have these problem, and said to set up the ssh isa to log in. However I just install the master node and work node on the simple single GPU station. I don’t know why it still need the ssh command.
Thank you!


Please make sure you’re following the installation documentation, specified here (step one).
Make sure both master hostname and worker hostname are the fqdn of your workstation (and not just the ip address).
An update will be rolled out to allow for ip addresses to be used as well.


Hello Stephan,
I reinstall the software, it is worked.
Thank you!