White round 2D classes

Hi Everyone,

While 2D classification, suddenly my next round 2D changed to like this.
So I tried to back previous succeeded run. But It continuously happen.
Once it happen, Only defaults setting runs properly.
If I changed options, mostly Force Max over poses/shifts “off” together with Re-center mask binary “on”, 100% happen.

Even if I didn’t use Re-center mask binary, At around Initial classification uncertainty factor 4, this happened with Force Max over poses/shifts “off”.

My currently issued settings are,
Box size 450,
No. of Classes : 50
Initial classification uncertainty factor : 4
Force Max over poses/shifts : False
Number of online-EM iterations : 40
Batchsize per class : 200
Other things are defaults

My GPU is 4 x RTX2080 8G
2D Error


Hi @Jinseo,

Thanks for reporting this - in fact it is a high-priority use case that we were actively trying to investigate but haven’t been able to easily reproduce.
I will reach out by email.