What means a blue dot in experiments

sometimes we get a blue dot beside the experiment list. blue is not in the job status list on the right side. what does it mean?

Hi Wolfgang,

The blue dot indicates that the particular experiment is queued and will run once any currently running experiments have completed processing.

hi, there is no job at the gpu since yesterday, but the current experiment still is blue and does not start?

Hi Wolfgang,

I’m not sure if this has been addressed via email but the problem is probably insufficient RAM: cryosparc’s scheduler will only start jobs if the machine has enough RAM to support them. If you were doing a refinement, that would require 24GB CPU RAM. What are the specs of your machine?

Hope that helps,

ok, my pc test machine has 16gb ram. but most cryosparc jobs run anyway. we are waiting for a server to install it, but it will take a while.