What are next steps after local refinement?

Hi Everyone,

I finished 2D Classification, ab-initio, hetero- Homogeneous NU-.
I saw my molecules has two distinct domains A and B, and liker region is very flexible.
So I am testing local refinement for both domains.
But my knowledge is disconnected after local refinement.
Is there anyone can introduce further steps until getting final map?
For eg. How can I combine maps from two local refined map?
What cryosparc steps need for finalize?


Hi Jinseo,

To combine two maps from local refinement, I would suggest using Chimera, taking the maximum value from the two maps at each voxel (command vop maximum) after alignment to a consensus refinement.

I would also suggest testing different post-processing approaches for your maps (CisTEM vs phenix.resolve_cryo_em vs relion, for example) and see which gives the most interpretable results.

What other steps are you not sure about?


Hi Oli,

Is there any post refinements step are needed after combining map?
Thanks for your advice.


No - not if the individual local refinement maps have been postprocessed beforehand.

Thank you very much!