Weird import movie behavior

Hey all,

We recently set up an NFS for data/processing, and after copying over & importing our previous project directories things have mostly been working well. However, when attempting to run a local motion correction job on movies that had previously been imported/patch motion corrected I ran into a funny issue.

Since we moved both our raw data and processing directories, the sym links generated by import movies were no longer valid. Being lazy, I though I could just run a new import movies command and be good to go. However, it seems like at some point import movies began adding 21 random numerical characters to the beginning of the imported files - meaning that the new symlinks to the movies were unrecognizable when trying to connect previous motion correction jobs.

The fix was pretty easy, but I wanted to document it here just in case someone else runs into this problem. To fix, I renamed the original imported directory under the first import movies job to imported_old, made a new folder called imported and then ran an ln -s command to manually sym link the movies from their new location along with the gain ref, generating a set of linked files without the 21 numbers at the beginning. After doing this, I was able to run local motion correction normally.