Weird file size when I re-extract particles through Relion from Cryosparc processed particles

Hi Everyone,

I was preparing Baysian Polishing for my cryosparc processed prarticles.

Here is information.

  1. I used 2x bin motion-corrected micrographs (0.825) from super-resolution images (0.4125) with Box size 512 px.
  2. After regular processing, I got 300k final particles (18k micrographs).
  3. I did re-extracted 1x bin motion-corrected micrographs (0.4125 18k micrographes) from super-resolution with box size 1024. Total particles image sizes were 1.1 Tb
  4. I did run Nu- Refinement that particles and check map quality.
  5. I converted particles.cs file to .star file with particles coordinate against raw micrographs.
  6. I confirmed small scale particle set extraction against Relion motion corrected micrographs(1x 0.4125)
  7. small size particles extraction worked well (well centered).
  8. I applied entire particles (300k) against Relion Motion Corrected micrographs.
  9. Total extracted particle images sizes are 24 TB (22 fold bigger than Cryosparc)
  10. I check micrographs numbers (.mrc 18k ) in my star file are correctly matched with no. of particles stacks (.mrcs).

My question are,

  1. Is it normal relion particle files are bigger than Cryosparc?

  2. If I did something wrong, please tell me what did I do mistake.

Thanks for your helps and advice.