WARNING: akv is not the same in all images!

WARNING: akv is not the same in all images!

Any suggestion as to what this error means?

I am combining datasets and seeing this come up.

Thanks for your help!

It refers to the accelerating voltage. Were you collecting one of your datasets at 200kV and another at 300kV?


Ahh, that makes sense! Thanks for the insight Oli, great as always.

So I am combining Arctica 200 kV data with Krios 300 kV phase plate data. It’s probably ambitious, definitely desperate and perhaps even foolish?

Do you know anyone that tried? Classification strikes me as being a bad idea but two clean particle stacks combined and refined maybe ok… Let’s see.

No harm in trying! :slight_smile:

I have a vague recollection of seeing someone trying exactly this on CCPEM, but I can’t seem to find the link - sorry!

The other approach would be to combine after reconstruction (sum the unfiltered half maps)

The main thing I would consider is the relative error in pixel size - it would be good when combining data if one could set this as a global parameter to refine for each dataset, but otherwise I think Kai Zhang posted something on CCPEM with a strategy for doing this a while back - maybe worth a look.

Good luck!


No harm indeed!

Our pixel sizes are very close 1.146 and 1.159, initially I was allowing the two to refine together without any rescaling but the reconstructions are not looking so great.

You are referring to this, very helpful PDF from Kai Zhang:


Thanks for the link up, I knew this existed somewhere! Troubleshoot time.

Cheers Oli.