Volume Tools does not work with input from sharpen (Bug)


If I provide an input to Volume tools coming from a “Sharpen” job, it fails with the appended error.

It seems this is because sharpen does not generate any items in the “map” slot, only in passthrough. Providing the appropriate map in the low level inputs gets around the issue, but nevertheless this seems like a bug in either Sharpen or Vol Tools.


I think there is a broader bug with how stuff gets passed-through. I’ve had similar errors with pick-stats not getting passed-through sometimes from 2D classification jobs and from 2D particle alignments not being passed-through in some heterogeneous refinement jobs.



With the associated slots being empty.

Thanks @olibclarke @kpahil for reporting the errors.
@kpahil For the errors you reported, please can you confirm

  1. cryoSPARC job type that produced the error
  2. “expanded” inputs for that job, and job types of the upstream jobs whose output has been connected

One example is a non-uniform refinement job:

With these inputs:

That traces back to:

Going far up the tree, problems start with this job:

With these inputs:

And this as the relevant outputs:

The errors I get happen when a job is finished and cryosparc is validating the outputs. Currently I seem to be able to workaround the problem by passing particles through a “cache to SSD” job before running the job that I want for some reason, but I need to redo this after each job. For example, I run the cache particles jobtype, run heterogenous refinement, run cache cache particles and then run non-uniform refinement, otherwise the non-uniform refinement will fail:

Hopefully this is helpful? Let me know if you need more info!

Thank you!!

A recently released patch includes changes to Sharpening Tools output.