Patch 220518 is available for cryoSPARC v3.3.2

Release Notes


  • Pre-processing jobs no longer fail immediately when a child process encounters a segmentation fault
  • Patch Motion jobs now use an improved IO library, providing substantial speedups on some cluster file systems
  • Blob Picker Tuner job now reports progress during optimization
  • Validation (FSC) job now takes in an optional Override Pixel Size (A) parameter to allow adjusting the final pixel size and resolution estimate if incorrect pixel size was specified during processing
  • Align 3D job now takes in particle stack(s) and rotates/shifts the alignments of the particles to match the rotation and shift applied to the volumes during 3D alignment
  • Project deletion (and other long running actions) are now decoupled from instance-wide locks, allowing a cryoSPARC instance to continue to perform unrelated actions while a deletion is ongoing


  • Outputs in the Sharpening Tools job are now separated into two output groups and can be directly connected to downstream Volume Tools jobs
  • Warnings in the Import Particles job’s Overview tab are now more visible when fields are missing in the imported metadata files
  • Warnings in the Check For Corrupt Particles job’s Overview tab are now more visible when corrupt files are found
  • The Local Refinement (NEW!) job now explicitly requires an input mask
  • Blob picker output images now show more contrast for negative stain data


  • Allow clearing Extract Particles jobs created before the previous patch
  • Prevent Motion Correction job failure due to low-level memory error from corrupt TIFF files
  • Corrected stdout/stderr redirect options in cryosparcm cluster example scripts
  • Manual picker and Inspect picks jobs no longer overly downsample rectangular (K3) images
  • Job status timestamps are now correctly cleared when a job is cleared
  • Patch CTF job no longer fails with data from spherical aberration-corrected microscopes


See installation instructions here (cryoSPARC v3.3.2 required):