Very noisy half-maps

For some of my projects (relatively small and flexible complexes), half-maps are very noisy. This makes sense to me as these are unfiltered and show the high-res noise. A low pass filter in Chimera quickly brings out the structure. However, the noise in half maps was brought up during the review of the deposition. I am not sure what would be the correct way to address their concerns? Submitting a low pass filtered half-maps would defeat the purpose.
On there other hand, is there perhaps an underlying issue I should address in my collection and/ or processing that’s resulting in so much noise, as some of my larger complex show very little noise? I’ve attached images of half-maps from a noisy complex and low pass filtered, as well as a half map from an Apoferritin reconstruction without filtering.

Many thanks!

I would suggest providing the reviewers with the half maps low pass filtered to the res estimated from the FSC (at 0.143 or 0.5) - if that doesn’t address their concerns then I’m not sure what will…

Thank you for your reply, Oli. I will try that.