Very minor bug in local refinement (new)


When a local refinement (new) job is cloned (in v3.1), if the rotation and translation search extents are previously set to 20 degrees and 10 A with the gaussian prior on, they always reset themselves to 9 degrees and 3 A after cloning the job.

This is not really a big problem, but it does make it easy to mistakenly run a job with unintended parameters. Strangely, if they are set to anything else - e.g. 25 and 15 - they do not reset themselves. I guess this may have something to do with the fact that 20 & 10 are the defaults with the gaussian prior on.


Ah I think I understand it now - it automatically sets the search range to 3 times the gaussian prior if enabled. This is normally probably what you want, but it isn’t expected when cloning a job I think

Hi Oli,

Thanks for reporting! Yes, this is a side-effect of overwriting the default search ranges with 3 times the prior width when the prior is activated. Cloning the job will only read the default parameters from the parent job, so it will get these modified parameters. If you toggle the use prior switch on the cloned job, and set it to false, do you still see the defaults resetting to values other than 20 and 10?


But cloning jobs in general doesn’t just read defaults - normally cloning a job will get the specific parameters for that job, no? Or at least that is my experience with other job types