ValueError: Cannot load file containing pickled data when allow_pickle=False

Hi all,

When I using threeD fsc job.I meet a err like blew.Is there any suggestions.Thanks very much.

Hi @wonderful,

Thank you for reporting. This appears to be a bug with the 3DFSC job, and we were able to reproduce the error.

Note that the error is happening during output checking, and so the files written to the job directory (the mrc volume files, the Chimera cmd script, and the other plot files) should still be valid, and opening the cmd script in Chimera should still allow visualization of the 3DFSC. This can be done by opening UCSF Chimera and clicking on File > Open, navigating to the fsc3D directory within the job directory, and finally opening the 3DFSCPlot_Chimera.cmd file.

EDIT: As of May 11, we have released patch 210511 on v3.2.0 that corrects this.


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