V3.2.0 to v4 upgrade MongoDB questions

Hi all!

I am working to try to get projects moved from one workstation computer to another. The old workstation (one we are trying to move projects out of) uses cryoSPARC v3.2.0 and the new workstation (the one we are trying to import into) uses cryoSPARC v4.0.0. I found this snippet of information (Guide: Updating to CryoSPARC v4 - CryoSPARC Guide) on the cryoSPARC guide and it noted that v4 uses mongoDB version 3.6, and does not support mongoDB version 3.4. I found that the old workstation we are trying to move projects out of uses mongoDB version 3.4, not version 3.6. Will this impact transferring projects from one workstation to another? Furthermore, if we update cryoSPARC on the old workstation to v4, will the update in mongo DB version impact the project itself? Thank you for any help and happy to clarify anything!


my response is afaik only valid, if your are copying the entire project folder and re-import it using the webapp. And the project folder is self-sustainable, so there is no transfer from one mongoDB instance to another.

The mongoDB is “just” for the master node, and during import, the respective cryoSPARC master will take care of the data input.

But you can simply try this. Try to copy and reimport the project from the folder, and see, if everything is imported correctly.


Thank you Christian! Our tech support also said the same thing. Will try to update here once I get more information though.

Hi @gmperez.
A word of caution. A CryoSPARC project must never be “connected” to more than one CryoSPARC instance. A violation of this rule can lead to the corruption of project directory contents and or the CryoSPARC databases involved.
CryoSPARC v4 introduced project locks to guard against inadvertent violations of this rule and thereby to protect against data corruption. After attaching (the CryoSPARC v4 method of “importing”) a project directory to another CryoSPARC instance, changes to the project directory by the original CryoSPARC instance must not be allowed. Because project locks do not work in pre-v4 CryoSPARC, and because the project directory may be mounted on multiple computers simultaneously, other measures must be taken to avoid corruption of the transferred project by the original v3 CryoSPARC instance, such as permanently shutting down the v3 instance before attaching the project to the new CryoSPARC instance.
The change from mongodb version 3.4 to 3.6 should have no “visible” effects on the CryoSPARC user. The user may notice after attaching an old project to a CryoSPARC instance with a recent software version, many old jobs may not simply be cloned and run, due to changes in many job types with respect to inputs and parameters.