V2 Job is Queued


I recently installed v2.3.3 on a local workstation as a master node with the standalone option. I followed the instructions in the tutorial and I was able to create a project/workspace and import movies using the job builder.

After this the job status is queued and nothing happens.

What am I missing here?

H> ere is the install command

./install.sh --standalone
–license $LICENSE_ID
–worker_path /opt/cryosparc
–cudapath /opt/qb3/cuda/9.0
–ssdpath /volatile/cryosparc-ssd
–initial_email xxx
–initial_password xxx
–initial_name abhiram

Any ideas?

Hi @achintangal,

It may be possible that the worker installation may not have connected to the instance. Can you open up the resource manager in the webapp and double check the available nodes?

You can also check the various logs available for any further information:


Thanks! The resource manager is empty.

Are there any additional steps to make a master node also work as a worker node?

Speaking of logs, I found some errors when I ran the command,

cryosparcsm log command_core

Here is what I see on my end.


Hi @achintangal,

I think I’ve seen this before. It happened when I queued a job to a lane/worker that didn’t exist. I’ll make a note to add some assertions so theres better handling of that situation. To add a worker node manually for a standalone installation, follow the instructions for installing a standalone worker here. Just make sure the strings for the master and worker hostname arguments are exactly the same.

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Should be /opt/cryosparc2_worker/