User, Project, Workspace, and Job Analytics


I am looking into ways to monitor and report our instance’s usage over time.

I noticed this post (Monitoring CPU, Memory and GPU Usage) with a great suggestion for hardware monitoring, and plan to use that to take care of the node itself.

However, I am interested in what my users are doing in the instance itself - in projects, workspaces, and jobs. Is there any way to export summaries or metadata of things like this to look at usage trends?

Sorry if this has been asked before.



Hi @bowman ,

Thanks for the post! This is a great question. In an upcoming version of cryoSPARC we’ll have better support for viewing aggregate statistics in a user friendly manner. For now I can provide a Python script you can run in the terminal that can pull some of these statistics if you’re interested.

Because project, workspace and job metadata is stored in MongoDB, it makes it very easy to run ‘aggregation pipelines’ to summarize information about the cryoSPARC instance.

Could you give me a few examples of exactly what type of information you are interested in? For example, type and number of jobs completed by day/week/month/quarter, average runtime of jobs by type, instance usage by user, etc.


Thanks Suhail, that would be very helpful.

I’m looking for a list of jobs created, their exit status, runtime, and user. (And any other metadata that comes with that).

Also instance usage by user over time.