User not found for the first time to login

Hi all,

I just successfully installed the latest version of cryosparc in my workstation. After installation, I started it in the terminal with "cryosparcm start ", then I open the google chrome with the website:http://mylocalhostname:39000, when I tried to login using my email address and password, it appeared “user not found”, what’s wrong? Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance.
By the way, I also used the same email address( and password for installation( “./ ***”) and the license application.

Did you put initial user information in your command? … --initial_email “” --initial_password Password123 --initial_name “FirstName LastName”

If not, you can do this by:
cryosparcm createuser --email <user_email> --password <user_password> --name “<full name>”



Hi Zhijie,

Thanks for your reply and sorry for my late response. Since my workstation has down with the network for these two days and I just fixed it.

I did it as you suggested, it works now. Thank you so much.


Hi All

I am having similar issues. I tried to follow the above suggestion in creating new user with cryosparcm createuser, however I get this “Improper usage” line back.

When i checked the cryosparcm userlist, I have none listed on it even though I did provide my email, password and name in the file. The installation went through fine and I am able to get to the cryosparc login page, but not further.

Any suggestions would be great.


@aravie Can you please confirm you are following these instructions?

@spunjani Yes i have followed the guidelines. The problem is right from the beginning after installation i am unable to register the first user (information supplied during installation) or create an user as mentioned above.

I have created a separate post (as this post was set as closed) where i have copied the error onto the discussion forum. Please could you have a look into that, perhaps that might be more informative to trouble shoot.