User management via central auth servers

It has been a while since our site last experimented with CryoSPARC. Since versions have been updated since our last foray, I’m dropping in to see if a feature we needed a few years ago to meet our site requirements has been added:

when it comes time to set up user accounts on the CS web interface, can these be tied into our central authentication servers? Our site requires if a user is dropped from our central auth server, their access needs to be removed from all downstream services, including any CryoSPARC installation. By tying the local account to the central auth servers we will meet this requirement. I know there was some experimentation with this when we last looked at this about 2 years ago, but a reading of the installation documents for the latest release doesn’t make it clear if this is an enabled feature or not. Thanks.

No, the only authentication at the moment is done through CryoSPARC itself.