Updating a worker node?


I recently tried to update cryosparc with the command: cryosparcm update

This is what the output was:

 Now updating worker nodes.
All workers: 
XXXXXXX cryosparc_user@XXXXXXX
Updating worker XXXXXXX
Remote update
scp ./cryosparc2_worker.tar.gz cryosparc_user@XXXXXXX:/home/cryosparc_user/software/cryosparc/cryosparc2_worker
cryosparc_user@XXXXXXX's password: 
Authentication failed.
lost connection
Failed to update XXXXXXX! Skipping...
 Done updating all worker nodes.
 If any nodes failed to update, you can manually update them.
 Cluster worker installations must be manually updated.
 To update manually, simply copy the cryosparc2_worker.tar.gz
 file into the cryosparc worker installation directory, and then run 
    $ bin/cryosparcw update 
 from inside the worker installation directory.

I tried searching around but didn’t really see any instruction for how to update the worker node. I already tried the manual update that was suggested in this output, and it said that the cryosparc2_worker was already updated.


Hi @merandamasse, it looks like you don’t have passwordless SSH access between the master and worker nodes. See instructions on how to set this up here: 3. Password-less SSH Access

Be sure to replace remote_username and remote_hostname with your worker config (the outputs of the whoami and hostname commands on the worker machine).

Hope that helps,


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